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Phillips Brewing & Malting Co Makes a Levidrome Lager

Phillips Levidrome Lager Regal

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co. located in Victoria, BC has produced a beer in recognition of the word Levidrome. Their Imperial Regal Lager is a seasonal beer with the levidromes "Regal" and "Lager".

The description Phillips beer has for the Levidrome Beer is:

Imperial Lager
Pours a pale straw colour with light white foam. Herbal and grassy notes mingle with the noble hop and sweet malt character. Its light and balanced mouthfeel finishes with a subtle sweetness.

Malt: Medium
Colour: Light
Hops: Less

Phillips Levidrome Lager Regal Label

Here is a closeup of the label for the beer. On the label it states:

"Regal" is a levidrome spelling "Lager" backwards. Invented by 6 year old Levi Budd who discovered there was no official term to describe this fun linguistic twist. Levidrome Imperial Regal Lager is a bold but balanced strong pilsner brewed to celebrate curiosity and wonder. Help "Levidrome" get added to the dictionary and toast Levi with a big beer for big ideas.

As a side note, there have been at least 2 other breweries who brewed their levidrome-themed beers in the US and Sweden.

Levidrome on CTV News

Here is a News clip of the quest to get Levidrome recognized. (Published Jan 29, 2018)

Levidrome Song

A Levidrome Song, published by Lola Parks on Jan 1, 2018


Some high-profile supporters like Actor William Shatner or Olympic gold-medalist Simon Whitfield also recognized the word Levidrome.

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