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Levidrome List Memory Game

Back in November of 2018 we created a couple of games. Well in actuality, it is the same game but an easy version and a hard version. In either version, the gameplay is the same. You match the levidromic pairs in the shortest amount of guesses and time. At the end of the game, well that's where the hidden fun lies.

Would you believe there are over 3400 unique combinations of comments at the end of the game? In addition to your score, a random compliment is provided as well as a random fact, joke, or phrase / compliment. And naturally, all the comments revolve around levidromes. See how many you can find? See how many you will recognize.

There is also the challenge factor to the games. To see if you can beat the best score of the day, or of all time. The best score of the day resets daily at midnight. So if you are the first one to play that day, you are guaranteed to have the best daily score (for a while anyways until someone else gets a better score). Both the easy and hard version of the game have their own unique daily and all-time scores.

If you would like to add another comment to the game, let us know in our contact page, and as long as it is clean and fun (and of course, levidromic), you may see it popping up at the end of the game as well. Plus you would also have bragging rights saying you helped with the development of an internet game.

Have fun playing! Also have fun reading all the comments.

Hmmm...another levidrome challenge...who will be the first one to see or document all the comments? (present company excluded, of course) :)