Welcome to 2023 - Things that are Changing

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Levidrome List

Year 2023 is starting, and the Levidrome List website is still going strong supporting the levidrome cause.

When this site first started in 2017 there were many articles and publications we were able to reference. At the beginning we had published a couple of articles per month.

This is year 7 for this site. The quest of recognizing the word levidrome will be still be ongoing (albeit fewer articles per year). However, things change.

The internet changes.

We have been keeping up with the changes when they occur.

Periodically, we go through our website and look for broken links (links going to stale or non-existent pages), or redirects (page may still exist, but at a different location). These are routine tasks for many web developers (or at least should be).

We had published 88 articles about Levidromes (89 including this article). Many articles make reference to external sites where a publication originally showed up on the intertubes.

Most of these sites still exist.

Some require minor tweaks, changing from http to https for example.

Other are not so minor.

For example, levidrome showed up in the Oxford webpages twice in their blogs at the previous locations of https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2017/11/24/weekly-word-watch-levidrome-oumuamua-weaselflood/ and https://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/2018/04/05/super-bowl-superb-owl-wordplay-name/. However, if you try to go to those links today, you get redirectd to https://languages.oup.com. No blog anymore. https://oxforddictionaries.com went through a bit of a re-org and it became oup.com, which stands for Oxford University Press.

There is also https://public.oed.com, which stands for Oxford English Dictionary. There is a blog there, but it appears to be either a new blog with no older articles, or a completely different blog.

So even though levidrome had appeared on the original oxforddictionaries.com blog, you almost have to take our word for it now because the original publication is gone.

Maybe I am looking at these new sites too early and they still need to update their information from the old site.

But, perhaps the re-org is good. A fresh start for Oxford dictionaries.

2023 could be a fresh start for levidrome too, bring in the new year with hope that this is the year it will be recognized by the dictionaries.

Oxford made some changes...perhaps to make room for the word levidrome?

Levidrome, we've got this.