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Al Paul

Hi, my name is Al Paul. I am a father, husband, hobbyiest, computer geek and a levidromist.

We are levidromists. We believe such a word should exist. It makes sense from many viewpoints.

See our MAIN page for definitions and our views.

Visit our list page to see levidromes in various languages.

Visit our News page to view various articles and news stories about levidromes.

We are not associated with Levi or family, other than we are also Canadian. We do follow Lucky on Twitter, and have sent correspondences to each other via email. No better way of getting the inside scoop and finding out the latest and greatest about levidromes than from the source.

Kudos to William Shatner (also Canadian) for his tweets to the Oxford Dictionary. He is the most influential advocate for us levidromists. When he talks, it gets media attention. Let's make this happen!

This is what Canadians do.

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