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Australian National Dictionary Centre Competition No. 52

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Twitter tweet

The Australian National Dictionary Centre had a Ozwords competition on Twitter on May 9, 2019.

Here is an excerpt from their tweet:

Ozwords Competition No. 52

In 2017, a young Canadian boy, Levi Budd, invented a new term to describe a word that spells another valid word backwards. For example, stop / pot, deliver / reviled, loop / pool. Levi's term is levidrome, based on his own name and palindrome (a word or phrase that reads the same backwards as forwards). Thanks to a video posted on social media by Levi's father, the word levidrome has gained a lot of publicity. Oxford Dictionaries commented that levidrome is on their watch list of words, and if it becomes used widely, in a year or so it may be added to their dictionaries. Not a bad effort for a six-year-old. Our challenge to you in this competition is to come up with an interesting levidrome. The best, most entertaining, or perhaps the longest one wins. Extra points for levidromes if you convince us the pair of words relate in some way, such as stressed / desserts -- a great levidrome for those on a no-sugar diet.

Reply to @ozworders and @OxfordAustralia to enter. What a great way to spread the word.