Levidrome Pronounciation

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Learning Family

We have been following levidrome since the idea first came out a number of years ago. We want to find new news, posts, articles, videos or anything new about levidromes and update our "Levidrome Central".

To source out new information, Google is your friend. We do custom searches through Google and various other search engines, limiting our searches to anything new which was posted, say in the last 30 days. We came across another YouTube video.

The YouTube channel Learning Family hilights various words and phrases and shows the proper pronounciation of those words. And look what was posted on March 11, 2022. Levidrome!

It is nice to see that this site first of all recognizes the word levidrome, but also went through the effort of making a pronounciation video for it.

Way to go Learning Family! We too recognize your page!