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It will also serve as chronology of the events as it follows Levi's quest in making levidrome an accepted word by the popular dictionaries (Oxford, Merriam-Webster, etc.).

Operation Levidrome - Photoshopbattles Reddit - Winners

Posted on October 12th, 2018

Operation Levidrome - Photoshopbattles Reddit

Operation Levidrome on reddit's photoshopbattles ran for 2 weeks between September 27 to October 10, 2018. There were 17 creative submissions to the contest. Below are the winners for the first, second and third places. Note: Being part of the photoshopbattles community, we submitted a couple of entries as well which were the rats-star entry (we'll call that one an "honourable mention") and the peed-deep entry (we won't mention that one again).

This shows that even though levidromes are words, many times those words could be represented by pictures and images. And anytime there is a picture and a community like photoshopbattles which loves to do stuff with pictures and images, well that's just a recipe for having fun.

Enjoy viewing the first, second and third place submissions. (The remainder of the submissions can be seen at Operation Levidrome: photoshopbattles).

First Place - dab=bad
Operation Levidrome - First Place

Second Place - pooh hula hoop slam dunk pooh on a hoop
Operation Levidrome - Second Place

Third Place - Omen==Nemo
Operation Levidrome - Third Place

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