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Levidrome Video - Transcribed.

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The quest to get the word levidrome recognized by the dictionaries started almost one year ago. The YouTube video, "Levidrome - Let's get this word in the dictionary", was posted by LuckyBudd on October 9, 2017. As of today the video has been seen already over 40,000 times.

You may have seen the video, but have you ever read the words behind the video?

What is this sorcery you speak of? How do you "read" a video?

Well, a transcript of course.

Below we have put together a transcript from that video. Happy reading. Now before you comment, we know you can turn on Closed Captioning or CC on most youtube videos to read what is being said, and quite honestly that is how we created most of the transcript below. But CC is a best effort going against dictionaries, and guess what? Levidrome is not in any dictionary yet, so it couldn't resolve that word, among others. Anyways, here is the transcript:

Levidrome Video - Transcribed Hi I'm Lucky (and I'm Levi) and we are doing a project.

We are trying to get a new word into the dictionary and we need your help. My son Levi has always been fascinated by language. Many a night when he was four I'd be woken up at four in the morning by...

Dad, I just thought of another great palindrome...Do you want to hear it...racecar...Isn't that great?

A palindrome is a word that is spelled the same forward as backwards so Levi was right.
R A C E C A R spelled backwards is racecar.

One day when he was five we pulled up to a stop sign. He looked at it and he said...

Mum, I see STOP spells POTS backwards... that's not a palindrome. What do you call a word like that in the English language where a word spells another word backwards?

Hmm... that's a good question buddy. Let's look that up when we get home.

When we got home we found that there was no word in the dictionary to describe a word that is spelled one way and spells another word backwards... like STOP and POTS...DOG and GOD...TIP and PIT. Sometimes people use the word "emordnilap" which is the word palindrome backwards, but this makes no sense at all and a bit of research told us that this isn't an official word either.

So we think that we should call these words levidromes after the five-year-old boy who came up with it.

When we contacted Webster's dictionary about it they said all we need to do is get this word to be popular. So all we need to do is keep on sharing this video as many times as possible and we can get this word named after Levi into the dictionary.