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Levidrome in 2022

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What is a Levidrome

First post of the year.


Wow, writing it down make it sound so ... futuristic.

The journey continues for another year.

To start the year we will recap the quest. Levi and his father are trying to get the word levidrome recognized by the official dictionaries.

There is not a dictionary recognized word fitting the definition of "a word with a different meaning when the spelling is reversed". Levidrome is on their watch list.

Semordnilap is not recognized.

Semordnilap is a palindrome for palindromes.

So an important part of a levidrome is also a palindrome.

Palindromes became part of our website back in 2020. Why not? It is part of the story of a levidrome. We haven't really paid too much tribute to the palindrome on our levidrome focussed website, but maybe we should.

Palindromes have been around since the eary 1600s, invented by poet and playwright Ben Jonson (no, not the Canadian sprinter, that was Ben Johnson). It is comprised of greek words "palin" meaning "again" and "dromos" meaning "direction".

So Palindrome means "again direction" (sounds like a music group).

Pretty cool.

Palindromes have been recognized for over 400 years.

Since palindromes means "again direction", then Levidrome could mean "Levi direction".

Another sign for the dictionaries to follow. To the direction of Levidrome for this unique word.

2022! Futuristic! Welcome to the future. Welcome to Levidromelist.com!

Let's make this happen.

There is a hashtag for this...#levidrome