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Operation Levidrome - Photoshopbattles Reddit

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Operation Levidrome - Photoshopbattles Reddit

Levidrome has hit Reddit in a big way. Reddit is a discussion group with images and topics which are voted up or down by other members. Reddit has a number of subreddits of various specific topics. One of the more popular subreddits is photoshopbattles with over 13.7 million subscribers.

At Photoshopbattles, people submit photos and other members manipulated the photos in unique ways in forms of comments with an image attached. Then the user community votes for the best comment. Photoshopbattles also have weekly Contests and Operations. The next contest entry is decided by the winner of the current contest. Operations, however are decided by the moderators of photoshopbattles. Photoshopbattles delivers a weekly "Operations" contest with a specific theme. Their current Operation is called Levidrome.

It will be really fun to see the entries. Levidromes in pictures, and knowing the photoshopbattle community, there will be some pretty creative pictures. The Operation image displayed here is of the levidrome (Dog, God). Part of the fun will also be to vote for the best image.