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Call Me Levidrome

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Levidrome Userid

Intriguing title. Call Me Levidrome. For some reason when I hear that I think of the song "Call Me Mayby".

The word levidrome has been around now for over four years.

As such, a fan of this word could make a username called "levidrome" for their account somewhere.

This is definitely not far fetched. There is a twitter account called levidrome. There is a hashtag called #levidrome. There is levidrome@gmail.com on Google. When people play games, some people may use the word levidrome as their gaming ID. Watch Slither.io and see.

The levidrome.com domain is still owned by someone. The same with levidrome.ca and levidromes.com. Levidromelist.com too (by me of course). But the others, someone is still keeping up the domain name and paying to keep the domain registered and active. Imagine that. People are paying to keep the word levidrome alive.

That is just the username.

Dollars to donuts, I bet some people may be using levidrome as a password too. Why not? It is not a dictionary word, yet. It is unique enough. Nine letters. So for now, quite a secure password (just change it up a bit with special characters, etc).

Let's face it, people love the word "Levidrome".

And what's not to love? It is a cool word, and if you have been following the levidrome quest, it is a worthy word for this unique type of palindrome.

Call me Levidrome. Call me Maybe. Maybe Levidrome? This is crazy.

If not anything, I hope we left a song going in your head.

Go Levidrome!

Levidrome Pronounciation

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Learning Family

We have been following levidrome since the idea first came out a number of years ago. We want to find new news, posts, articles, videos or anything new about levidromes and update our "Levidrome Central".

To source out new information, Google is your friend. We do custom searches through Google and various other search engines, limiting our searches to anything new which was posted, say in the last 30 days. We came across another YouTube video.

The YouTube channel Learning Family hilights various words and phrases and shows the proper pronounciation of those words. And look what was posted on March 11, 2022. Levidrome!

It is nice to see that this site first of all recognizes the word levidrome, but also went through the effort of making a pronounciation video for it.

Way to go Learning Family! We too recognize your page!

Happy Levidrome Day 2202 2022

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Levidrome Date

Today is February 22, 2022. If we have a date format of mm/dd/yyyy, a common and popular date format you would find mostly in Europe, today would be written as 22/02/2022

This will be the last levidromic or palindromic date of this century.

Happy Levidrome Day! Oh, and also, Happy Palindrome Day!

Levidrome in 2022

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What is a Levidrome

First post of the year.


Wow, writing it down make it sound so ... futuristic.

The journey continues for another year.

To start the year we will recap the quest. Levi and his father are trying to get the word levidrome recognized by the official dictionaries.

There is not a dictionary recognized word fitting the definition of "a word with a different meaning when the spelling is reversed". Levidrome is on their watch list.

Semordnilap is not recognized.

Semordnilap is a palindrome for palindromes.

So an important part of a levidrome is also a palindrome.

Palindromes became part of our website back in 2020. Why not? It is part of the story of a levidrome. We haven't really paid too much tribute to the palindrome on our levidrome focussed website, but maybe we should.

Palindromes have been around since the eary 1600s, invented by poet and playwright Ben Jonson (no, not the Canadian sprinter, that was Ben Johnson). It is comprised of greek words "palin" meaning "again" and "dromos" meaning "direction".

So Palindrome means "again direction" (sounds like a music group).

Pretty cool.

Palindromes have been recognized for over 400 years.

Since palindromes means "again direction", then Levidrome could mean "Levi direction".

Another sign for the dictionaries to follow. To the direction of Levidrome for this unique word.

2022! Futuristic! Welcome to the future. Welcome to Levidromelist.com!

Let's make this happen.

There is a hashtag for this...#levidrome