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Levidrome - Birthday Number 5

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Levidrome Birthday 5

Five years! Wow, time has flown by!

It has been 5 years since the video was published to promote the levidrome cause. Half a decade. This year marks a bit anniversary. If it was a wedding anniverary, then 5 years would be wood. Hence our wood gnawing friend wishing levidrome a half a decade of existence.

Levidrome became quite news worthy when first suggested 5 years ago. Over the years however, not too much has been appearing in the news anymore.

But that doesn't mean levidrome is disappearing. During the past year, we have been posting articles somewhat regularly. The levidrome game Cryptic Clue is still being played on Twitter. The Reddit community honored levidromes again with a second round of contests in their Photoshopbattles community. A youtube video was created showing the proper pronounciation of levidrome.

Levidromes, as well as palindromes, don't really appear too much in print or on the web because these words really don't make it to kitchen table conversations. Even though levidromic pairs occur much more frequent than expected, people are not going out of their way to say, "Oh, that was a levidrome". There was an article published on Times Colonist referencing this anomaly.

To get a word recognized by the popular dictionaries doesn't happen overnight. Five years, and levidromes are still going strong. They will be around at lot longer than you think.

Levidrome, we've got this.