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The Physical Levidrome

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Physical Levidrome

The physical levidrome. What does that even mean?

Well, a lot of what you see on our website is virtual. The articles. The images. Our levidrome memory game. All these things exist in cyber-space. On the "intertubes".

It is when something moves from a virtual presence to a physical space, that is when people need to start paying more attention.

Some words will never cross the border into the physical realm.

But that is hard for a word like levidrome. It is a word. An idea.

Or is it hard?

This transformation has already happened into the physical world.

It happened years ago when children came up with levidromes in classrooms and wrote them on pieces of paper and taped them to boards. The word levidrome became physical.

It happened years ago as well when a brewing company printed their first label and placed it on their newly brewed beer. The label is physical. The beer is also physical (thank goodness). You can actually taste a levidrome (legal age of drinking disclaimer needs to be inserted here).

It happened when the NY Times published an article about levidromes. On physical news print.

As you can see in the image here, the cup is physical. The shirt is physical (although technically, to me, they both are still virtual because it is a digital photograph) but you get my point. They are physical to someone, possibly even swag belonging to William Shatner.

The final step for this transcension from virtual to physical involves the dictionary publishers. Once they publish their new dictionaries with the word levidrome between their covers, the journey is complete. It is the ultimate goal for any new proposed word - to appear physically on the pages of a dictionary.

I am looking forward to publishing the article, "The Journey is Complete".

But alas, the journey continues.

Hang in there levidrome. As always, #levidrome.