Levidromes and Ambigrams

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Levidrome Ambigram

Back in January, 2019, we wrote an article about Billidromes. It was suggested by William Shatner as a parody on the word "levidrome".

What Shatner created was a ambigram. The definition of an ambigram is something (such as an image of a written word or phrase) that is intended or able to be oriented in either of two ways for viewing or reading.

The above spinning image is the word Levidrome displayed as an ambigram.

Here is the same image for those who are "spinning challenged", like me.

Stationary Levidrome Ambigram

It was created at Free Online Ambigram Generator (minus the spinning part). Really easy to create ambigrams at this site. Bunch of different fonts to change things up a bit.

The really cool part about this site is it not only allows you to create ambigrams from a single word, but also from pairs of words of equal length.

I can almost hear what you are thinking.....

Oh! Oh! Levidromes! They are pairs of words with equal lengths!

It was almost as though ambigrams were made for levidromes.

Here is an example of a 2 word ambigram - Wolf and Flow.

Here is the levidromic word - wolf...

Wolf Levidrome Ambigram

And when rotated 180 degrees, it's levidromic pair - flow...

Flow Levidrome Ambigram

Pretty cool, huh?

But the coolness doesn't stop there.

You see, ambigrams were first used in 1984. So approximately 37 years ago. If you google ambigram and dictionary, you may come across an article from Merriam-Webster about Words we are watching. Ambigram was on the dictionaries watch list.

A familiar tone? There was an addendum to the article stating ambigram made it into the dictionaries in September of 2020!

Levidromes are following the same path as ambigrams. It is currently on their watch list.

Hopefully we won't have to wait 37 years for it to become recognized, but who knows. Patience is a virtue?

Hang in there levidrome. We've got this.