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Welcome To Our Dictionary Files

Below are the various dictionary files we used to create our lists. They are wordlists, or list of words. Most of these dictionary wordlists were installed as a language option for our operating system (ie. Ubuntu or Debian dictionary files.) Since not everyone has access to a Linux system, it made sense making these files available for download.

Levidrome Lists?

NOTE: The below links are not levidrome lists, but rather dictionary files used to create the lists. Forget the dictionaries, take me to the Levidrome Lists page.

Dictionary Files (Wordlists)

Feel free to download the dictionary files for other projects where you require wordlists in other languages.

  1. american-english-insane - American English Insane via part of the wamerican-insane package.
    Filesize: 6830085
  2. american-english-large - American English Large via part of the wamerican-large package.
    Filesize: 1601093
  3. american-english - American English via part of the wamerican package.
    Filesize: 938848
  4. bokmaal - Bokmaal via part of the wnorwegian package.
    Filesize: 12813549
  5. brazilian - Brazilian via part of the wbrazilian package.
    Filesize: 3002503
  6. british-english-insane - British English Insane via part of the wbritish-insane package.
    Filesize: 6832582
  7. british-english-large - British English Large via part of the wbritish-large package.
    Filesize: 1601716
  8. bulgarian - Bulgarian via part of the wbulgarian package.
    Filesize: 9670225
  9. canadian-english-insane - Canadian English Insane via part of the wcanadian-insane package.
    Filesize: 6832905
  10. canadian-english-large - Canadian English Large via part of the wcanadian-large package.
    Filesize: 1602010
  11. catalan - Catalan via part of the wcatalan package.
    Filesize: 6982442
  12. danish - Danish via part of the wdanish package.
    Filesize: 3898763
  13. dutch - Dutch via part of the wdutch package.
    Filesize: 4215853
  14. faroese - Faroese via part of the wfaroese package.
    Filesize: 5007541
  15. french - French via part of the wfrench package.
    Filesize: 1542061
  16. galician - Galician via part of the wgalician-minimos package.
    Filesize: 6092458
  17. italian - Italian via part of the witalian package.
    Filesize: 1250379
  18. latin - Latin - Source http://archives.nd.edu/whitaker/wordsoth.htm..
    Filesize: 13121619
  19. new german - German via part of the wngerman package.
    Filesize: 4487731
  20. norsk - Norsk via part of the wnorwegian package.
    Filesize: 12813549
  21. nynorsk - Nynorsk via part of the wnorwegian package.
    Filesize: 7795487
  22. old german - German via part of the wogerman package.
    Filesize: 961700
  23. polish - Polish via part of the wpolish package.
    Filesize: 50016912
  24. portuguese - portuguese via part of the wportuguese package.
    Filesize: 4857401
  25. spanish - Spanish via part of the wspanish package.
    Filesize: 852190
  26. swedish - Swedish via part of the wswedish package.
    Filesize: 1272931
  27. swiss - Swiss via part of the wswiss package.
    Filesize: 4488356
  28. ukrainian - Ukrainian via part of the wukrainian package.
    Filesize: 29857201